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Math Way To Excellence Promise

It’s the word that children fear and tests the most patient teacher/parent…Math! There is something about math that most children find intimidating and causes them to either lose interest or not fully apply any effort. Does your child tell you math in school is boring or too hard? The traditional method of learning math may not be stimulating your student’s desire to learn.


There are different types of learning styles: visual, auditory, kinesthetic (hands-on), and reading/writing. Math Way to Excellence combines all four to stimulate a child’s interest in math!  Math Way to Excellence is an organization that helps to re-enforce what students learn in class by utilizing fun and interactive methods. Children who use Math Way to Excellence see  more growth in their math scores. We promise...


  • Increase in math scores

  • Increase in students participation with our program

  • Increase in students confidence in math

  • Students realize that learning math is fun

  • Students learn how to use the Cipher Quick math board to solve various problems


When they embrace the tools that Math Way to Excellence offers, a child will benefit from our method of teaching and will develop the skills and confidence needed to excel in math.

The mission of Math Way to Excellence is to assist students in grades K-5th to achieve maximum academic growth by offering them a variety of learning experiences that incorporate teacher, parental, and tutorial support.  

Help create a world where no child is left behind by getting involved in the way that best suits YOU! When you fundraise with friends and family you take us closer to giving our children a brighter future.​



Your gift will help Math Way to Excellence  provide much-needed support and services to children and their families. By becoming a part of the Math Way to Excellence family and making your gift today, you will help to inspire and sustain hope in children left behind academically. 

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