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What is Math Way To Excellence?

Math Way to Excellence is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving a student's math skills with positive reinforcement in a fun, nurturing environment.


The mission of Math Way to Excellence is to assist students in grades K-5th to achieve maximum academic growth in math by offering them a variety of learning experiences that incorporates teacher, parental, and tutorial support.


The goal is to make math fun, assist students to explore and understand math, and improve math scores for students by using different math manipulatives.


The targeted population presently consists of students in grades K-5th attending elementary schools in St. Louis, Missouri. We will eventually expand to other geographical areas as our funding grows.




The decline in student’s math scores and disinterest in math made Cathy Burton decide to act. She believes every child should know and understand the basics of math. 


In 2014, she decided to create an organization dedicated to teaching math in a fun and interesting way, and Math Way to Excellence was born. Math Way to Excellence is a nonprofit organization who's goal is to help children develop their math skills and grow.


Through our program, the child is given everything needed to succeed in their math journey.  Each child is assessed and their path begins at their current level.  As they grasp each concept, they are progressed along.  Their “math way” is to a total understanding of basic math and upwards to advanced math concepts.  Since many of our youth cannot afford private programs, Math Way to Excellence sponsors many of its participants through monetary support from individuals and corporations.    





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