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Board Of Directors

Cathy Burton,



Cathy is a mother and grandmother who strongly believes that today’s child needs to be provided any and all available tools to be successful.  This includes a strong family base for love, support and guidance.  This also includes an education which provides them the fundamental skills needed to enter the workforce and pursue higher education.  It is a fact that our children are struggling with the basic concepts of reading, writing and arithmetic.  Math especially has become a challenge that needs to be hurdled.  With this goal in mind, Math Way to Excellence was founded to make math a fun, stimulating, and accessible.    


Christina Thompson,

Executive Coordinator


Tina Bio Headshot.jpeg

Christina Thompson was born and raised in St. Louis, MO. She grew up in the Riverview Gardens School District and later went on to attend Lutheran North High School for her last three years of high school.  After graduating from Lutheran North, she attended Saint Louis University, became a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., and went on to graduate with a bachelor of science in Health Information Management. Shortly after, she became a certified registered health information administrator.

Currently, Christina is a Director of Privacy at a well-known healthcare organization. In addition to this, she is an adjunct professor teaching students in the Health Information Management Program.

Christina truly values education. She believes that all students have so much potential, often times they just need to be guided and motivated along the way.

From her strong and diverse educational background, Christina developed a passion for working with youth and young adults. One of her core areas of expertise includes working with young girls who may need someone to encourage them and guide them in the right direction. Christina volunteers with numerous youth organizations such as Math Way to Excellence, Acceleration Youth, and The Catalyst.


Tony Thompson,

Education Chair


Tony Bio Headshot.jpeg

Tony is the founder and CEO of Tony Thompson, Inc., a company that educates, enlightens, and empowers youth, young adults, and businesses to walk in their purpose and passion. He and his team aim to aid individuals in releasing the greatness on the inside of them and expecting great results.

Tony is known for his high energy speeches, purpose-driven mentoring program and two impactful books, Why Wait (2016) and Wear is Passion? (2021).

Tony speaks locally in St. Louis, MO. as well as nationally. He’s spoken all over the US in several states to middle school, high school and college students.

Tony Thompson is a St. Louis, Missouri native. He attended Samford University as a student and Division I athlete, and graduated with a degree in Biology. His original pursuit through college was dentistry, but God led him to discover his true purpose and passion in working with youth, young adults, and businesses. Right after graduating, he began a new venture as the owner and principal of a private elementary school in St. Louis, MO. He served in this position for two years and resigned in June of 2016. During the two years, he was able to learn and grow in areas such as administration within education, business management, and working with parents, students and the community.

Tony recognizes that life will throw many adversities our way. Because of this, he strives to motivate all with his passionate speaking style, tailor-made content, and practical resources. All schools, organizations, and businesses will gain great insight and experience greater results upon inviting Tony Thompson to speak or conduct one of his many workshops or keynote presentations. From his relationship with God to his relationship with his wife, Christina Thompson, Tony uses his own personal experiences and platforms to inspire audiences and ignite fires in every single person who listens to his messages. He is “A Passionate Voice for the People.”


Steven Dyson

Secretary/ Treasure



Steven Dyson is a retired military veteran, college graduate and accountant, will handle organizing the statistical data for monitoring the student's progress. He will also handle accountant duties. 


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