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Some Math Facts

Grade 3 (53.1%)                                Grade 4 (53.9%)                             Grade 5 (48.0%)   

Statewide 2017 Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) Results


Here are the Missouri students who scored proficient or advanced on the 2017 grade level math test.





Note: Figures are the percentage of students scoring at proficient or advanced levels.

The results show that public schools continue to struggle with bridging the performance difference between races and income levels.  

                                        Statewide 2018 Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) Results

Due to changes in learning standards, completely new assessments in English language arts and math were administered in 2017-18; therefore, it is important to note that the 2017-18 results are not comparable with results from previous tests in those subjects.  


The new standards were developed with a goal of setting higher expectations for students, which was reflected in a more challenging, teacher-developed set of state assessments. 

Grade 6 (43.4%)                                Grade 7 (43.4%)                             Grade 8 (30.5%)   

Math Way to Excellence Program
The number of students our pre-survey    questionnaire indicated that like math.
The number of students our post-survey    questionnaire indicated that like math.
100% of the students who participated showed an increase level of fun performing math.
100% of the students were able to use the Cipher Quick Math Boards to help solve math problems more efficiently.
100% of the students showed an increase of confidence solving math problems.
100% of the students indicated they liked using the Cipher Quick Math products
100% of students math skills were sharpen by playing the Cipher Quick Math Card Games.
100% of the students showed an increase performance in math skills.
     Listed below are some of the math skill proficiencies         that have shown an increase while using our products. 
  Increased    Math Skill Proficiencies       
  Number Recognition
Listed below are some of the math products  that have increased proficiency skill levels. 
    Cipher Quick Big Step      (0-20) Add-Subtract Board
         Cipher Quick       Addition-Subtraction Board
           Cipher Quick Multiplication-Division Board
  Cipher Quest       Storybook
  Cipher Quest       Coloring Book
 Cipher Quick Activity Sheets
  Cipher Quick Math Workbooks
  Cipher Quick Math Card Game
Math Statements We Have Frequently Heard Through The Years


I don't like math!

Math isn't fun!

Math isn't my favorite subject.

I"m not good at math!

I get frustrated trying to do math problems!

I can't help my kids with their math homework.

Having good math skills is very important for everyday life.

A lot of successful careers depend being proficient in math.


My kids need good math skills for everyday life situations.

Americans need to increase it's students overall math skills to meet the nations' job demands. 

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