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Math Way Program

Math Way to Excellence "programs" can be started within schools, afterschool programs, daycares and other educational establishments. Each program will be designed by identifying what the key areas are that need focusing on in math. Then the school will select the students that it wishes to incorporate into the program. The students will be given pretests to identify individual areas for improvement in math and to determine their math level. Lesson plans will be geared for the individual child, at their level, during the duration of the program. From here a curriculum will be given and followed. Every program will differ because it will be uniquely designed to each student, school, afterschool program, daycare and other educational establishment.  The program’s duration could last anywhere from a semester to a year.  The curriculum helps to show how to perform various math problems by utilizing the products that Math Way utilizes.  They explain and break down problems step by step, and allows each student to work at their own pace, and tracks the development and improvement of each child.


  • The curriculum helps to show how to perform various math problems by utilizing the card game and math boards. It explains and breaks down problems step by step and allows each student to work at their own pace and test themselves and track improvement.


  • The Cipher Quick Math Card Game makes learning math fun for everyone from preschoolers and above! For preschoolers and kindergarteners, it reinforces skills such as number recognition, identifying which cards are larger or smaller, and addition and/or subtraction.  The math card games for 1st graders and above focuses on addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and exponents.  Playing these math card games challenges students by sharpening math skills and utilizing strategy.


  • The Cipher Quick Math Boards are for addition/subtraction and multiplication/division and are designed to teach students how to solve math problems using various methods.  A math problem can be illustrated on Cipher Quick Math boards and solved by using 1) step by step methods 2) short cuts and/or 3) mentally. If an incorrect answer is given, the mistake can be spotted and easily corrected. With practice, the students are able to eventually mentally picture the math boards and navigate to find the correct answers.






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