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Iris G. - Parent

Akilah S. - Parent

I am glad you emailed me and asked what I thought about the Math Way to Excellence program. It is funny because we were playing the card game last night. Madison really impressed me with the way she was able to solve the problems to collect the cards. We added multiplication as an option so she had her dry erase board trying to figure out how she could use multiplication in addition to adding and subtracting to find a solution. She's excited to learn about fractions so I appreciate the program getting her actively involved with math. Thanks again! 


LeJayvion - Student

I love finding the answers to math problems on the addition-subtraction board!  It helps me a lot!

I am so grateful that the team from Math Way To Excellence Program took the time to work with my son. LeJayvion is a KG student at City Academy, he enjoyed going to the session on Tuesdays and was even more excited to play the math games which made the tasks given even more exciting for him. I feel that this gave my son more courage in his math studies as well as being disciplined within his thinking skills. I am going to definitely re-enroll him in the program when it is offered again.


Maria - Student

The activity sheets are fun!  The math boards are helping me learn the multiplication tables.

Lanita H. - Parent

Ashton participated in Math Way to Excellence and loved it! His confidence in doing math increased tremendously while participating in the program.  I also noticed a dramatic difference in his speed providing answers when presented with addition and subtraction problems.  Thanks for the time and effort put in to my child.  We appreciate it.


Noah - Student

I have played the card game over 100 times.  It is fun!

Madison - Student

I love the math games! The card games are fun to play!

I have seen improvements with addition math facts with one of the two kindergarten students in the Math Way to Excellence program.  We use the playing cards and math games often in class.  But these are unique because they go higher than 10 and are paired with the math board.  I think the program is useful during our after school program because it exposes our students to different styles of teaching and allows students to learn in multiple ways.

Marsha S. Administrator

I have seen improvement among students using Math Way to Excellence products.  They are more efficient with their math facts.  The students enjoy the program and wanted to show other classmates how to play the games.   The math boards are unique because they are set up in a different way but it is still understandable for children.   I feel that the program is useful because it gives children exposure to fact practice in a way and is also fun for the students. 

Lisa M. - Administrator

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